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Welcome to AntME

AntME is a set of Ant extensions designed to make development in the J2ME environment easier. In this respect, it is similar to Antenna.

AntME is, in fact, very similar to Antenna, and was inspired by it. I am actually an active Antenna user. Antenna, however, has a few missing features that caused me some difficulties in the J2ME work that I do. I tried to join the Antenna project to help enhance Antenna to correct these issues, however the owner of the Antenna project no longer seems to be responding to messages or actively maintaining the project.

AntME Features

Over time, I hope to enhance AntME to the point that it will be able to "stand alone" and be useable without Antenna. Initial releases of AntME, however, will focus on what I perceive as the missing features. Specifically, at present, AntME will:

  • Allow the specification of properties for Ant build files that are specific to the particular machine on which the build is running. (meMachProp)
  • Support more sophisticated editing of JAD files than is currently possible with Antenna. (meJadEdit)
  • Support MIDlet signing. MIDlet signing support necessary to support development for many MIDP-2.0 projects. (meSignSuite)

Obviously, I welcome your comments and suggestions for the future of AntME. Please feel free to download and try AntME, and to join the AntME mailing list to discuss your experiences.